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paesaggi When confronted with the works of Silvia Martignago one is immediately engaged by a vision of rich colors of great intensity and richness of tone which, however, does not prevent us to grasp the character that sets her apart: being, that is, an artist who is totally immersed in the profound heritage of the art of the Veneto region. She is deeply convinced that she can express herself in totality, because the foundation on which she roots her thoughts and action must be able to tell the "truth", the whole truth of her soul. In this manner, as is this case for other expressions of human action, the art of Silvia Martignago has a fundamental mission, to excite and transmit a message rich in positivity.

But this is not essential; what matters in art is the fact that the representation stimulates participation, that is to say, a certain emotion and what matters above all is the ability to shed light on reality, on that reality that passes before our eyes, which is very often dull, mundane and unremarkable. It is a reality which we do not know how to observe, which we have become used to, and which the artist invites us to look at in a different manner. Without forgetting that works of art speak of their authors, they introduce us to understanding their inner world and reveal their original offering to the "history of culture". The same approach is used by Silvia Martignago whose art is in a sense a metaphor for life and, at the same time, a kind of roadmap towards the search of its finitude. Her painting is a kind of, very creative, at times absorbing, mental "journey" which is always free of any linguistic chains; it is a curious world, that brings us closer to the richness of a world deeply infused with beliefs.

Hers is a "natural" painting, comprising deep expressive signs that transmit emotion, but emotion in its purest form. It teaches us that the search for beauty in everyday things undoubtedly helps us live better. All this appears clearly from this new cycle where she demonstrates an extraordinary creative vitality, almost as if to emphasize that «the art - as held by George Sand - is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth». A journey of reflection, therefore, a sort of narrative, like a reporter following an emotional itinerary; an apparent expressive memory of a past life and a way to live the present. This is how Silvia Martignago can say that painting, full of vivid and vibrant colours, gives strength to the "narration" of the canvas. She has completed her artistic research with locations which are not abstract, creating spaces which are the expansion of lines which overlap, intertwine, and destroy themselves. At the same time, attempting to convey a new idea of environment where, with the help of her technique, the dusty soft light connects with forms capable of regenerating and modifying themselves continuously, creating passages, and openings. And finally, overlapping veils of colours which intensify the boundaries and blur the edges: thus achieving a renewed identity of images. Her painting leaves no space for contingency, and, in contrast of today's difficulties in exteriorizing profound feelings, she places the sensitive component right at its very centre; expressing the seed from which thoughts and emotions grow, calling for an immediate response. Starting from the awareness of the shadows that still need to be illuminated by semblances of life. And the sensitive tension, in the way she utilizes the stroke, is even more evident in her decision to match paintings to a difficult but rewarding journey, whereby the cognitive sensation is as important as the harmonization which completes the composition. The eye is forced to look away, while the signs overlap resulting in an idea, full of infinite possibilities of expansion, made tangible.

From these images stem recollections of broad visions, of infinite spaces; those colours in which we find those masses of energy, dig deep within and during her inner journey, the artist finds herself and, thus, a series of evocations emerge which reconnect, deep down, linking a chain of memories. They are only tracks, to follow, to decipher in their existential secret "codes"; tracks that already alone bring a wealth of meanings. The artist has pushed forward her search for that point where vibration becomes sound, music, word.

In her there is a desire to conquer a perspective which can elevate above the day-to-day, searching to better organize her ideas. After all no one likes to describe or give a particular definition of themselves, because, as we know, only by playing through her various manifestations, can an artist capture the complex structure and dynamics of contingent and multiple truths, of what relates to her own art which is always evolving, it is history and "logos" of the spirit of the world. From a first analysis, her language of artistic expression appears: magical, narrative, dreamlike, as well as possessing great communicability and emotional weight to the emanating force, where there is a synthesis of movement and simplicity of gesture, capable of creating an opportunity for dialogue. Her depictions are immersed in a timeless land and derive from the comparison with the memory and the world of ideas associated also to a symbolic value, with a new freedom of expression.

This is how Silvia Martignago lets us into her world and thanks to her skillful technique, in which material and colour prevail, where both these elements, pictorial technique and material, ensure that the light is absorbed, as if it were the object itself to attract it. While the 'laud' of color drenched in light, strong and bright, expressed with warm sulfur yellows, with passionate bloody reds, with boundless blues of acoustic depth, all rich in their chromatic exuberance, but also the purples and greens offer poetic sentiment and provoke stimulating and emotional alternatives for the soul, and reproduce sounds and silences in which there is so much exhilarating poetry, affirming an idea that penetrates and investigates in this reality and its images.

After all: «describing the world, more or less, through universal experiences and feelings, rather than through things is the duty of art. If this happens, and if you are able to put together your own story by looking at a composition, means that the image is alive as it should be».

June 2015 | Mario Guderzo | Dir. Museo Gipsoteca Antonio Canova

LANDSCAPES : Transcends reality to create pure emotion


landscapes Painting to me is a deep passion". With these simple words, Silvia Martignago is introducing herself and at the same time she introduces us to her paintings, and it's this passion to keep her far from the ephemeral glamour of the trends, and to drive her style to deep values instead. Silvia is convinced that art should bring serenity and facilitate dialogue and communication with others. Her painting is totally immersed into the nature. Nature is not portrayed in an analytic and meticolous way, but it is represented with a "impressionist" style, which is capable of revealing its own essence, capturing its hidden sounds and its most intimate vibrations. The artist immerses herself so deep into it that she can express nature through the same materials that it is made of: the light and the color. The landscapes that Silvia Martignago creates always evoke bright and soothing atmospheres. From the countryside, whose story is always told by big and bright views that remind us of the so called "venetian painting school", to the images of Venice, represented with the bright colors of its beautiful sunsets. Martignago's pieces reveal with no doubts her inside energy that she translates into the full body of the matter and into the fresh colors, almost a reminder of the bright fauves art or of the vivid impressionist landscapes. It seems that the artist has learned to paint by observing nature, even before his teachers, developing her own style through those growth cycles that mark the evolution of each artist.
Watching her views, her images of the corn fields during the sunset, of the field of poppies, of the bright meadows, of the hills and of the different venetian countrysides, we can say that the artist was able to express the nature as a work in progress. The nature belongs to her, it's part of her life, and that's why she creates always different pictures, because every day we can look at the sky with a different point of view. The representation is a spectrum of colors which suggests to our eyes the idea of a dynamic move and of a changing depth, an interesting contrast of tones, of thick and bright colors that express a vivid emotional, rich and sensitive soul. To the artist, Nature is always something "alive" and moving, custody of memories and stories to tell, capturing the many light reflexes, and suggesting deep emotions. Generally speaking, art achieves its goal in the same way, it gets into something beautiful, a life condition, an entire world where you can enjoy infinite and stunning spaces.

September 2012 | Lucia Majer | Art Critic


IspirazioniIspirazioni The youthful and fresh style of Silvia Martignago´s paintings expresses the desire of evolution and change. Silvia Martignago's works are created entirely through the use of colour in manner which emphasises both formation and expression. Depiction is left to the colours: the dense physicality of the paint substitutes the drawing, defining the form and constructing the work through undulating contours which gives nature and countryside a three-dimensional effect. This is Silvia Matignago's style. Encapsulating her emotions in colour, importance is not so much given to the where or the who but to the sense of what she does. Everything represented in her paintings has a personal significance which is expressed through colour and chromatic emotion. The palette knife with which she applies the colours becomes an extension of the artist, who entrusts her soul in this instrument, resulting in a gestural painting style.
I would describe it as eclectic and free, capable of ranging over new and personal expressive forms. Her paintings evoke a memory of Monet, poetic echoes of Chagall, and combine the informal gestures of Pollock. Freeing one´s own impulse, one´s own emotion, is fundamental. The form becomes of secondary importance: it is only a medium through which one can express and convey their own emotion. This, after all, is one of the elements which constitutes what today we call contemporary art. One of the principle tasks of today´s art is communication, to provoke emotion and understanding. And each artist attempts to convey their message in their own personal way. Silvia Martignago has understood how art can render visible what is not, what is inside and beyond the eye. Her ability to light up the dark, takes form - like a metaphor - in the light of her paintings, expressed in colour and through microcrystals which reflect light and bring colours to life. The canvas is a "Spiritual Place" through which she does not define colours in light but expresses light through colour. Silvia Martignago composes, through her swift application of colour, a poetic sensitivity which at moments reveals itself to then conceal itself. The background of the painting expresses in colour, in its tonality and transparency, the words to this fine, and a times timid, poetry, composed of delicate gradations which thicken and suddenly disappear.

June 2006 | Lucia Majer | Art Critic


MosaiciMosaici Silvia Martignago’s painting has taken numerous paths on a journey sweeping from the figurative representation of reality to the creation of an abstract language which embraces the instinctive elements of perception and emotion. Rather than concentrating on the object itself, Silvia Martignago experiments with pictorial techniques, exploring their potential in a manner which continues to express the sense of tension and movement already present in her previous works but adopting a completely new approach. The representation of the image is of secondary importance, the landscapes in her previous canvases have been replaced by a single subject: representing the atmosphere.
The brushstroke has also evolved: from the spatula with which the artist created forms, guiding the gaze across formations of material and attracting light in a distinctive manner (using those little microspheres of crystal), to a new style which transforms the canvas into a composition of colour, resembling almost a mosaic. Dynamism which emanates from colour is the central theme: the perception of an object in movement, focusing on its composition of atoms in motion. From pointillism Silvia has learnt to define the constitution of things by manipulating the intensity of colour which is given life by light strokes of the brush. One experiences a whirlwind of colour as the material composition of the object flakes away, as if it is falling apart until it finally disappears. Little spots of colour cover the canvas and build up texture and, rather than gradually passing from light to dark, colours appear side by side, often in stark contrast.
Colours play with each other and give a sense of movement and depth. A game based on contrast, where thick saturation plays alongside delicate evanescence. Whilst lighter colours appear closer and radiate from the backdrop, darkness tends to distance itself, retreating into the background. In this manner Silvia manages to transfer the nature of artifice from her first works to pathos in her latest, where she has completely abandoned the figurative and concentrated on restoring atmosphere, exploring on the canvas the fusion of space, light and movement, whilst at the same time expressing fiery and explosive emotion.

One must digress from mere observation to experience the changing motifs and sensations: a combination of which transcends reality to a new totality. The basic levels of reality, namely the external and internal, distance and closeness, seeing and hearing, permeate and fuse to become one, object and environment. Through this medium Silvia manages to depict concepts such as sound by exploiting the potential tones and vibration of the colours. Pushing further she manages to portray emotion, courage, joy and pain…all realities which are not superficial but are to be found on the interior. With her painting Silvia manages to permeate the visible with emotive images originating from within, connecting them with the force lines from the movement of colour. This is how she transforms things into chromatic emotions which, like a magical kaleidoscope, mix internal reflections, sprawl across the surface and provoke a chain of thought, a mosaic of sensations which transmits to the spectator the complexity of reality

June 2008 | Lucia Majer | Art Critic


Blossom Each artist searches for their Absolute. This Absolute, however, is limited by something more relative: individual emotion. Silvia Martignago’s art is an introspective journey, a path leading her to the discovery of the potential of the human soul. Searching for perfect harmony between the internal and the external she dissolves the barrier between man and nature. From the painter Sergio Favotto, her teacher, she has learnt the academic rules of construction, colour and figurative painting. Her personality, however, has led her to develop the expression of pure colour, by giving secondary importance to the subject and (as opposed to creating colour in the light) drawing light from colour. Whereas composition tends toward harmony, conflict liberates emotion. Small specks of colour condense all the energy of life, and these specks when observed from a distance become one. Martignago harnesses the force which radiates from colour, enriching and distinguishing it in her landscapes and grassy expanses which merge toward the sky and become one. The details in the foreground, which simply provide the subject, give way to depth and to “taches” of colour which, set against each other, create a “mosaic” effect. As nature does not have fixed points, each theme radiates a different sensation. This “diversity” reflecting the changing force of nature, is where Silvia Martignago’s painting comes into its own. Her work stimulates the eye in front of an ever-changing nature, tuning the senses through colour and diversity, enriching them one and the other. In this way her paintings become “chromatic scores”, fluent and resonant, which find light through skilful composition, and create a vibrant harmony composed of chords of yellow, blue, red and green transforming nature into a glorious colourful concert.

December 2009 | Lucia Majer | Art Critic

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